Working in Wellington

Wellington is a fascinating place to work. Government, business, the arts, science, entrepreneurs and small business thrive in remarkable proximity and with a generous spirit of co-operation. The energy is infectious and networking is just a café away. Working from Wellington or in Wellington is about being connected, flexible, motivated and accessible.

General Industry ›

Business services and government provide a large percentage of the work in the region along with the education and health sectors.  IT and retail also provide significant numbers of jobs. 

The Wellington region provides more jobs in science and government than any other region.

Niche sectors ›

Some of the region's niche sectors are making an impact far beyond their size. 

Three global centres of excellence are being formed to bring together leaders in biotechnology and life sciences, screen and digital technologies and sustainable and renewable energy.  

Finding work ›

There are many work opportunities for skilled migrants in the New Zealand workplace, in both general industry and in niche sectors. 

The ease of finding a job depends on an applicant's qualifications and experience and on the needs of the market at the time. 

Migrant stories ›

Heli is a research scientist from Finland with a PHD in Biotechnology.  Heli and her husband, Mika spent two years in California but they prefer living in Wellington.

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